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Since opening our doors to patients back in 2002, Dr. Daniel Upton and his staff at Red Lodge Chiropractic Clinic have been a leading resource for healthcare and wellness for patients and their families in Carbon County.

We genuinely care about the satisfaction of our patients and guarantee to provide the highest quality in Chiropractic Care with a variety of safe, natural and effective services to get you back to enjoying your life.

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About Dr. Gallagher

Certified Chiropractic  Sports  Physician   CCSP
Certified Chiropractic  Extremity Physician    CCEP

During my 20’s while searching for my passion in life, I developed a serious health crisis. Seeking healing while living and working abroad, I sought treatment at a world-famous health clinic directed by chiropractors. The experience often intense days of chiropractic care, proper cleansing, eating whole organic foods, exercise and learning how to live a healthy lifestyle brought about profound healing of body and spirit but also led to a sound sense of direction.  So, at age 28, I enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic West. While in my last quarter of chiropractic college, I was treated by a chiropractor that gave me the profound improvement that I had experienced at the health clinic. I continued to receive the positive benefits from this master sports chiropractor and he became my first mentor. With my sports background, I became more passionate about becoming the best clinician and sports chiropractor possible. To attain the goal of becoming the best, I attended thousands of hours of postgraduate study and received training from some amazing practitioners of all disciplines. Some of these included: Spinal chiropractic techniques, adjusting and care of extremities, exercise and strength training, soft-tissue techniques, posture, diet, nutrition, detoxification, muscle testing, organ and gland balancing. This education has allowed me to approach patients concerns from more than just spinal adjusting. I now clearly understand and can explain why a balanced foundation (feet and ankles) is essential to proper posture and its effect on all body systems. Balancing of the nervous system (allowing it to work without blockages) is essential not only for pain relief, but proper functioning of all systems in the body (ie.,digestive, circulatory, lymphatic). Proper nutrition, diet and cleansing of tissues are imperative in today’s toxic world. Releasing of soft-tissue restrictions in muscle and fascia result in pain reduction and improved performance. I have updated, integrated and improved what I learned and have created new and innovative approaches to your health care. Every day in practice I use these unique methods and techniques to help make the necessary changes in creating a pain free and balanced body. If you are searching for a doctor who listens, will take the time to provide you with answers to your questions and present unique ways to address your health concerns, I look forward to meeting you.


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